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Welcome to Rollers Rolling Papers, we were established as a modern rolling paper company that is focused on our commitment to quality by keeping our product pure and free of chemical processing and additives. We have one simple rule for our products and that is that they are all always 100% Hemp. We are a minority owned business focused on ensuring equity in the cannabis and cannabis ancillary industries. To that effect we have set a target goal of donating at least 10% of all profits to fighting criminal injustice and supporting organizations focused on a reimagined war on drugs (e.g. The Last Prisoner Project) where low level non-violent offenders are criminalized. We are founded by health and technology experts and run our organization like a startup. We want to ensure that we are honest, equitable and accessible to our customers and partners alike.

100% Hemp Papers

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Our products are and will always be made of 100% hemp, no fillers and no chemicals

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A portion of all of our merchandise sales are donated to support equity in cannabis reform and equality initiatives

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Ou high-quality accessories ensure that you have the perfect experience every time that you roll with rollers

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– Mr. Richard Evans